Public Math/Art Day
Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Prof. George Hart

In July 2008, I spent a week in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, as one organizer of the annual Bridges Conference. At the end of the conference, we ran a public math/art day, with various activities for people to do. Above are the tables being set up in the street where M.C. Escher was born. Those awnings kept us dry later when it downpoured heavily. 

Above, you can see a finished example of the paper construction activity that I prepared for the day.

To make it, you must cut out thirty H-shaped pieces. There are six in each of five colors.

It takes an hour to cut the parts, or a half hour if two people work together, then five minutes to assemble it.

I also brought thie sculpture shown at right above, which has the same form as the paper construction.
I dyed it blue, but the original white can be seen here.  Instructions for the paper version are here.