CD Construction at University of Seville

George W. Hart

At the University of Seville in October 2008, I organized this CD sculpture constructon.
The hanging one is finished, but we lacked parts to finish the second one, on the floor.

The participants first made sketches of the truncated icosahedron.

Then CDs are connected together using cable ties, following the pattern in the drawing.

Each assembly corresponds to one pentagon of a truncated icosahedron.

The modules are joined together, using additional CDs as edges and suspended on string.

We had enough participants to assemble two constructions in parallel.

When done, the angles can be adjusted to make the polygons more regular.

We hung one up in a stairwell. Instructions are online here.
The event was written up in Spanish blogs here, here, and here.
There are more photos on Flicker here, here, and here.

I also brought some puzzles.  Above are screw-together polyhedra, described here and here

This is a paper puzzle with twenty pieces.  It is pretty tricky to assemble.  See here Figure 3.

And here is a paper puzzle design with twelve parts.

Above is the solution.  It is a paper version of this puzzle.

And here is a completed paper puzzle with thirty parts, described here.

In addition, I gave some blurry lectures.

And I had a great time with lots of fun people.

Thank you to Prof. Alberto Márquez and ... Prof. Clara Grima Ruiz for inviting me.