Cardboard Construction

George Hart

At the Bridges 2012 conference, I led a group of participants in the assembly of this giant cardboard construction, shown here hanging in the Fine Arts Center at Towson University.  It is the same design as my Do-Deck-ahedron, but scaled up and colored with a five-color pattern.

This photo gives a sense of how the cards slide into each other with interlocking slots.  But the only way to really understand it is to watch the video of us assembling it.  And to understand that, you may want to first watch the Do-Deck-ahedron video, which uses a deck of cards to make the same structure.

It doesn't look like much when you've just started and it's lying flat on the floor.

This inside view may be helpful, if you are trying to figure out if your joints are correct.

If you would like to make your own copy of it, here is the template.  Scale it to your desired size, make slots on the four solid lines, and fold on the dotted diagonal.

Thank you everyone who helped, especially Joe McHugh, who cut and painted the cardboard for me, and Jim Paulsen and Christopher Bartlett, who hung it up.  And thank you Jim Paulsen and Jennifer Ahmed for these photos.