Visit to Princeton

George W. Hart

I spent a day at the Women in Mathematics Program of the Institute for Advanced Study and Princeton
 University to do some workshops.  Thank you Tanya Khovanova and Ingrid Daubechies for inviting me.

I brought along some puzzles and constructions for everyone to play with.  This I call the H-Construction.

The resulting multicolored sphere is based on the rhombic triacontahedron and the uniform compound of five cubes.
It is derived from a family of slide-together constructions that are easy to cut from pieces of paper.

These little sugar-cube-like parts are a fun construction based on Voronoi cells of the FCC lattice.

And here you can see what I call a Goldberg Puzzle. And at left one of my screw-together puzzles.

But the main event was a large Zome construction of the expanded 120-cell.
(In the background you can see my Propello-octahedron sculpture, which has been
hanging in the Princeton Math Department common room for about ten years now.)

We made lots of dodecahedral modules that connect together.

It is really quite a cool thing to get to know.  Read about it here.

All together, it took about two hours for the forty of us to assemble it.

Here it is done, but I didn't get a great group shot.
(If you were there and have a better group shot that I can post here, please email me.)