More Echinodermania

George W. Hart

Above is a physical model of Knotted Kelp, which is described in my Echinodermania paper but wasn't fabricated at the time of printing.

This top view rendering shows how it is based on a trefoil knot.

Here is another view of the physical model. Notice it is based on an unwrapping of the (7,6,6) hyperbolic tessellation.

 Here is a model of the Pavilion from that same paper.

I colored it gradations of brown, red, and green as an experiment.

This top view shows its relation to the 7^3 hyperbolic tiling. At each vertex, three 7-gons meet.

Other examples of my Echinodermania series can be found here, here, and here.
Files for some of these are available on my Rapid Prototyping pages.