Sculpture Construction Workshop
at East Carolina University

George W. Hart

I visited East Carolina University in April, 2017 and worked with students and faculty there to create
  this one-of-a-kind sculpture, made from sixty identical, laser-cut, fluourescent-acrylic components. 

Building it was a group activity involving many hands for over an hour.

Each piece has this same shape.

Small cable ties hold the parts together.

Along the way, we tested it for style.

Here is it complete, after snipping the ends off all the cable ties.

Thank you to everyone who participated, especially Sviatoslav Archava who invited me,
Gerald Weckesser who did the laser-cutting, and Cliff Hollis / ECU for many of the above photos.
You can read an article about this geometric sculpture construction workshop on the ECU website.

The design is based on my sculpture Ambagesque, but modified for this scale and the acrylic material.
To make your own copy, cut this template from five panels of 1224-inch acrylic and build this structure.

While I was there, we also made this wood sculpture, called Autumn
More information and instructions for making it are given here.

Copyright 2017, George W. Hart