Compass Points
Large Wood Version

George W. Hart

Here is a large (four foot diameter) version of Compass Points. It is made of marine plywood and cedar. I cut the parts out on a band saw and they are assembled with screws into little cedar connectors behind each joint. It is attached to a heavy wooden base staked into the ground, hidden within the brick and gravel.

It was situated in Billy Joel Park, right on the water in Cold Spring Harbor, NY, on route 25A just west of the village, across from the entrance to the Greenbelt trail.  Nearby is a large rock dedicated to Billy Joel. Above is another view of the setting.

Thank you to my helpers. Above is a photo showing Victoria Hart, me, and Ronnie Valerio, who spent a good number of hours assembling and installing the sculpture.

This was a temporary park installation project, sponsored by the Town of Huntington Public Art Initiative (Huntington, NY). Above is the paper model that I sent as my entry in the competition. I thank John E. Coraor, Huntington's director of cultural affairs, for his assistance in this project. It was displayed for threeo months---July-September, 2004---and since has been installed at SUNY Oswego in upstate New York.

Before making the outdoor version of marine plywood, I made this full-scale model of thin plywood, to check everything out.

The inside of this sculpture is pretty cool and worth discovering.  Above is the inside of the model. I have also made a smaller wood version of this design and a large aluminum version.

Copyright 2004, George W. Hart