Egg Heads

George W. Hart

This sculpture is 12 inches in diameter, made of walnut. The parts lock together without glue.
It is a puzzle/sculpture which can be disassembled and (if you are clever) reassembled.

Here is a template of the basic component shape. Thirty copies form the complete structure.

The parts interlock at the backs of the heads in groups of three, with three right angles
meeting like a corner of a cube.  The above view is centered on one of those 3-fold points.
Below is a photo taken from the same point of view.

Instructions to make your own copy of Egg Heads appear in Make Magazine, vol. 17, Feb. 2009, pp. 143-145.

I presented this to Joe Malkevitch at his JoeFest celebration. There is a short paper about it in his festschrift.

I later made this 3.5 inch diameter copy for myself in nylon by selective laser sintering.

This is the same small model, but dyed brown to seem more like the original wood.

Copyright 2008, George W. Hart