George W. Hart


This is an 11-inch diameter sculpture made of laser-cut wood (aspen). It is assembled from thirty identical pieces.  Each is an elongated S-shaped form, with two openings.  It is similar geometrically to Bouquet, but is a one-of-a-kind piece and is very different visually. The aspen is quite light in color but the laser-cut edges are a rich contrasting brown. The openings add nicely to the whirling effect. The appearance is very different as one moves around it. Below is an image of how it appears looking straight down one of the vortices.


The word Frabjous comes, of course, from The Jaberwocky of Lewis Carroll. O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

This nylon model is 9 cm in diameter.

I also made a bunch of smaller 1-inch ones, which were my exchange items at the G4G7 conference.

Before investing in laser-cutting the wood, I made this paper model.

Cutting the paper is easy, except I was lazy and didn't cut out the openings.
But assembling it is a very tricky puzzle.  The template, in case you want to
make your own copy, is in this write-up that appeared in the G4G7 book.

A large version of Frabjous appeared at Burning Man 2013.  See the video.

Copyright 2003, George W. Hart