George W. Hart

This 42-inch sculpture consists of 490 laser-cut steel triangles bolted together in an intricate pattern. The outer form is tetrahedral and the inner texture is based on a discretization of the gyroid surface.  It was commissioned by the American Mathematical Society, and assembled with the help of hundreds of people at a sculpture barn raising on the National Mall in Washington, DC. The photo shows it on display at its permanent home at the Towson University math department.  

This photo is shot along a direction of 3-fold rotational symmetry and shows a series of hexagonal tunnels.

This 8" model of the sculpture was made on a 3D color printer by ZCorp and served as a guide during the assembly.
To read about the design of the sculpture, see this page.  For pictures of the assembly event, see this page.

Copyright 2010, George W. Hart