Twisted Rivers, Knotted Sea

George W. Hart

The geometric form underlying this four-foot diameter steel sculpture is based upon the stellation pattern of the icosahedron, but reorganized into thirty identical curved units.  The steel was cut on a computer-controlled laser cutter, folded to the proper angles, powder coated blue, assembled, and bolted together.  Ten pieces meet at each of the twelve junctions, such as the one illustrated below, left.  There are twenty three-way "whirlpools" such as the one illustrated below, right.

The unfolded pattern for each of the thirty components is shown below.   The tabs join each piece to its neighbors, just like with paper polyhedra, but using stainless steel bolts instead of Elmer's glue.

Two views of it with snow might help:

Here it is after a different snowfall.

Below is a three-inch nylon model made by selective laser sintering.  I dyed it blue to match.

Did you notice that this model is of the opposite handedness from the steel sculpture?

copyright 2001, George W. Hart