The Barn-Raising of the

Spaghetti Code Sculpture

George W. Hart

This 2-meter diameter sculpture was assembled from 180 aluminum parts by a large group of Stony Brook students, faculty, and staff, working with me on December 10, 2004.  It is now hanging in the Computer Science Building lobby. To understand the plan for its assembly, read the sculpture barn-raising announcement. For pictures of the assembly event, see below.

For more detail, view a high-resolution image

Thank you to everyone who came and helped assemble it!

We first made triangular units in the air, using tabs and slots in the laser-cut aluminum parts.

The triangles were expanded into nine-piece units.

Suspnded at ground level, twenty of these modules fit together like an icosahedron.

After interweaving, everything locks in place with stainless steel cotter pins.

Over 200 people participated during the afternoon...

...including Stony Brook students, faculty, and staff.

I had brought the half-scale wooden model to illustrate.

Dan came with a lift so we could hoist it up and he chained it in place.

Below is a view looking up at it from the floor.

You can come see it at the computer science building lobby.

If you are a student who likes this sort of thing,
consider this new course,
 CSE125 -- Computer Science and Sculpture
 which I will be giving for the first time in the spring of 2005.