Corrections to

Zome Geometry

Hands-on Learning with Zome Models

George W. Hart   and  Henri Picciotto

Key Curriculum Press, 2001

This page contains a list of corrections to the first printing.  Most of these are corrected in the second printing.  If you find any errors not listed here, please let me know.

Strut Lengths

When the book was written, the three lengths available of each color strut were referred to as 1, 2, and 3 in the book.  A few years later, Zometool stopped making the size 3 and introduced a new shorter lengths (reduced by the golden ratio from what used to be the shortest length).  So a strut of size 3 in a newer kit is the same length as a strut of size 2 in the book.  And a strut of size 2 in a newer kit is the same length as a strut of size 1 in the book.  So the diagram on page 265 is not labeled correctly for newer kits  and the measurements in Section 7.2 are off by one strut.  Also, with the new, shorter length 3, the big domes in Chapter 18 will not be so big as the image on p. 147 suggests.

Chapter 21. The Fourth Dimension

Exploration 21D, the 600-cell, stops too soon in error.  On the triacontahedron's rhombi, add r1s and y2s as the slanting edges of 30 rhombic pyramids, i.e., 60 tetrahera.  Then connect their peaks using 60 b2s (that outline an icosidodecahedron) to complete 60 tetrahedra around the 5-fold axes and 20 over the 3-fold axes. (Vin de Silva, Nov. 2001)


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