Compass Points

At SUNY Oswego

George Hart

This is a wood version of my sculpture Compass Points, assembled at SUNY Oswego.
I led this group construction at a Synergetics workshop in August 2006.
(I don't honestly know what "synergetics" is supposed to mean,
but to the extent that it means "cool geometric stuff," I'm for it.)

There are two shapes of parts.  Here is the first set of 30 components.
I had cut them from marine plywood and painted the edges black.

The first ten parts are connected together into a pentagrammatic pyramid.
Screws join the parts to pyramid-shaped cedar connectors in the joints.

Here is the second set of thirty parts. Each crosses one of the other parts at its center.

It is something of a tangle to understand how each pair of parts makes an X shape.

In this inside view, you can see one of the connectors.
(They're square on the inside, but five-sided on top!)

The assembled Compass Points sculpture is now on display at SUNY Oswego.
Previously, it had been displayed in Billy Joel Park, Cold Spring Harbor, NY.
I also had made a smaller version and I later made a large metal version.